Why Rent a Room in Luxembourg?

Is visiting Luxembourg on your list? The place is full of different kinds of people from various nations. Luxembourg is known to have beautiful streets, high quality and cheap cuisines, and attractive tourist attraction sites. If your purpose of going to Luxembourg is to study, then you will be staying in the city longer. One thing you need to worry about is your accommodation. Getting a place to stay here is quite easy if you search for it in the right place.

Reasons for renting a room

There are lots of options for rental accommodation in Luxembourg. Flats, rooms, hotels, studios, several reservation spots, and others are available for renting. But why decide to rent a room in Luxembourg? Below are some of the reasons:

  • A single room provides privacy. If you prefer a simple and private life, renting a room is a good decision.
  • It is easy to get across Luxembourg if you rent a room, regardless of which part of Luxembourg you prefer to stay.
  • Getting a room is a good start if you are new in the area since it is cheaper, and you can adjust easily financially to new surroundings.
  • Renting a single room involves a simple and straightforward contract. You can also easily detect hidden rental costs.

Requirements for renting a room

You need to have your ID, evidence of employment if you are working, a valid passport, and your proof of income. For students from other countries who choose to study and live in Luxembourg, you need evidence of admission. Once you have these documents on hand, you can get a room quickly.

If you still haven’t found a room to stay, you can search online or contact the real estate office for inquiries. There are lots of real estate in Luxembourg that can help you find the perfect accommodation.


What should you need to know before renting a room?

Collect and choose a better deal

Don’t just go for the first room that you find in Luxembourg. You should have more options, so you can choose the one that will offer the best deal. You can save a lot of money if you have more options. And you will end up getting the best room.

Check and confirm what is inside the room

Most of the rooms for rent are fully-furnished. Aside from the contract, you will also need to check on the items listed in the inventory. For the furniture, make sure they are working. The inventory should describe all the things accurately inside the room. If you were not able to note something correctly like a hole in the cabinet, your landlord might ask you to pay for the damage.


Three months advance notice before leaving

One of your obligation as a tenant is to inform your landlord three months before the date you will leave. You should keep this mind. In case of emergency or unexpected situations that require you to go home in your country, you should inform your landlord right away so you can agree on something.

Final thoughts

Getting a room to rent in Luxembourg is not hard at all. There are lots of online sites or real estate companies that get help. Just make sure you follow their rules on renting and provide the requirements. You will be safe, as the laws in Luxembourg are to keep you safe and protected.